The principle aim of all English teachers at Cricklade Manor Prep is to foster a life-long love of language and literature in all its forms through reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

We work hard to create a happy, purposeful environment and all our lessons aim to engender an atmosphere of eager anticipation, where there is a genuine desire to learn and confidence can grow.

‘Read, read, read’ is a shared message to the children and a love of the written word a passion, whether it be a class text, fiction or non- fiction, poetry or drama. From Roald Dahl to Shakespeare to Malorie Blackman, all are used to stimulate creativity and the imagination.

We also want the pupils to enjoy and appreciate the process of writing, developing skills of communication for a variety of purposes and understanding the structure of our language. Encouraging pupils to share a successful piece of writing with each other, possibly a speech, a poem or a descriptive paragraph, is a real highlight of any lesson.

Theatre trips, visiting authors, school plays, the libraries, verse speaking, book fairs, debating and opportunities to write for a wider audience all contribute to the English curriculum.