Mathematics is all around us, from the moment we check the time when we get up, judging the speed at which we pour milk onto our cereal, shopping, cooking and sports. We do it every day, all day, in everything we do.

At Cricklade Manor Prep we aim to stimulate, develop and maintain the students’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment in mathematics. In so doing, we encourage positive attitudes towards the subject in an environment that encourages creative, independent thinking and enquiry.

The key to success in Maths is getting the level right. Too much or too little and the children lose interest. At Cricklade Manor, the children are set by ability allowing the teacher to support or extend as appropriate. Every lesson consists of a variety of tasks benefitting students of all abilities. Alongside this the pupils have the opportunity to work through investigations, challenges and compete against themselves and others using initiatives such as Numeracy Ninjas and Manghigh.

Nursery children begin their Maths journey learning number songs, rhymes and counting games. Sand and water play are also the fun way to learn about weight and capacity in the Early Years. As the children progress through Pre Prep their use of number and measure is developed along with an increasing understanding of Maths vocabulary. Children learn to recognise the patterns in number and to think and give reasons for their answers. Pupils learn that Maths is fun and develop strategic thinking when they design their own board games to play in class.

Mathematics is often seen as having only a right or wrong answer. At Cricklade Manor, we highlight that Maths is a way of thinking – it is the journey or the process that is perhaps more important than the outcome. Through the teaching of the wide range of topics the children are taught to use logic, initiative and flexibility of mind in unfamiliar situations.