A chance to shine in a new environment! The EYFS team adventure to the near by woods to learn and play in the great outdoors…

Learning in the forest and woodland environment has been proven to help build children’s independence and self-esteem. As the outdoors environment throws up both new opportunities and challenges alike. These new experiences, encountered with friends in a safe, caring environment allow our children to explore together! Whether it is bug hunting or den building or simply enjoying the new smells, sounds and freedoms that come with time spent outdoors.

The liberty to roam and investigate your surroundings truly builds self-reliance; it encourages risk taking (within safe arms reach of our amazing EYFS team).   The children start to work as a team and problem solve together as they encounter new experiences with their friends; messing about with mud and leaves, water, sticks, looking at bugs and den building to name but a few.  Our Kindergarten, Pre Reception and Reception children are able to lead their own learning, following what captures their imagination and interest, creating intrigue and curiosity in the world around them.  

A child that might be reserved in the class room, can have their own opportunity to shine when engineering from sticks a rocket or fishing rod. Showing their natural ability and confidence in nature, or helping their friend to jump over a log or climb that first part of a tree.

From investigating bark on trees using a water wash, studying spiders, to using our binoculars to get a closer look at insects, creating huts out of sticks and branches. The Mead forest day is always one from which, the children come back both tired and happy.