A childhood of dreams

Do you seek a place for your child where young children’s imaginations can thrive?

If the answer is yes, look no further than our Pre-Reception! We believe in giving every child the start they need in life. Children are well prepared for school life, providing them with a headstart to learning and inspiring them to achieve their potential. We nurture their individual needs, teach through play and allow a child to explore and pursue many different activities.

EYFS children are extremely articulate. For example, they communicated eagerly and highly effectively about the recent hatched chicks“.

Pupils display advanced mathematical understanding. Older nursery children counted up to 14 with confidence during registration, displaying excellent number skills for their age. Younger pupils were able to add one more with security and were able to halve and double values effectively.

ISI Report, Feb-March 2023

A place to learn

Learning is done through play, encouraging children to connect and develop their brains. The children have phonics and mathematics lessons through these play-based classes, carefully developing fundamental understanding in these foundational areas. In Maths, the children regularly explore numbers up to ten, reinforcing a proper sense of place value. In phonics, the children have a weekly sound box where they bring in an item beginning with the letter. Handwriting is developed through activities that help with hand-eye coordination and motor skills (art activities, letter formation, drawing in sand and so on).

Pursue Interest

Lessons are just the start of it. We nurture talents and encourage children to try something new. Our afternoon sessions include weekly woodwork (The children use real saws and hammers under supervision!), climbing apparatus, junk modelling, creative sessions, role-play and drama-based workshops, and ballet.

Specialist teaching

Specialist teachers lead French, PE and Music classes, giving the children the best from a young age. Music lessons comprise fun songs and motion-based activities to introduce rhythm and melody. The children then use musical instruments to experiment with what they have experienced. French is interactive and uses music and dance to help the children retain the language. PE is inside and outside, introducing the children to various sports and building their coordination.

A second home

The environment created by our experienced Pre-Reception staff feels like a second home for the children, where their needs and well-being are paramount in everything they do. Come and visit and meet our friendly team to find out more.

We have limited spaces left in Pre-Reception 2023, guaranteeing a place in our already full Reception 2024. Enquire now to learn more about our tailored approach to give children the headstart and fulfil their dreams. Book our next Open Day on 22nd May to learn more!