Behind the Teddy Door in Pre-Reception

Have you ever wondered what being in Pre-Reception at The Mead would be like?

Mrs O and Mrs Hunt share all you wish to know about life behind the teddy bear door:

Morning Welcome: Our day at Pre-Reception begins with warm welcomes at the gate by Mrs O and Mrs Hunt, where parents and teachers can catch up. It’s a time filled with smiles and gentle handovers, ensuring every child feels at home as they step into a day at school.

Child-Initiated Play: Once inside and registered, the children dive into a world of child-initiated play. This is their time to reconnect with friends. Children learn the best through play and child-initiated play is an excellent way for children to learn without them realising it.

Balanced Learning: A healthy snack energises the children. As the day unfolds, play is blended with structured learning. Our approach is all about balance, ensuring children enjoy their learning journey.

Outdoor Adventures: Outdoor play is a cornerstone of our day. Children enjoy using our special outdoor Pre-Reception area twice daily. It’s a time of exploration, with visits from older pupils and siblings, increasing learning and fun.

Curriculum Exploration: Our curriculum is rich and varied. From phonics to mathematics, religious education to PSHEE, learning is an adventure with our mascots – Jigsaw Jeanie and Bertie Owl. We follow the rhythms of the seasons, celebrating events from Harvest to Chinese New Year and exploring related topics such as planet Earth, polar regions, the hatching of the chicks, butterflies’ lifecycles and much more.

Circle Time: Circle time is a special part of our day. It’s a chance for every child to share, learn and grow. We explore conversation starters and search for information together on our interactive whiteboard (which is a massive hit with all the children).

Interactive Learning: Learning in literacy and mathematics is visual, hands-on and fun. We set up resources to inspire and encourage learning, aligning with our educational programs. This lays the foundations for a lifetime of curiosity and growth and a headstart in schooling life.

Classroom Buddies: Eddy Teddy and Ronnie Rabbit, our classroom mascots, set home challenges weekly. These cuddly friends go home with a different child each week. It’s show and tell time on Monday, as children share their weekend adventures with their fluffy friends.

Birthday Celebrations and Memories: Birthdays are grand celebrations, acknowledging the importance of every child. Around the clock celebrations are filled with photographs and stories of the children from their lifetime.

Afternoons at Pre-Reception: The fun continues with many activities, such as woodwork, yoga, creative play, sewing, movement, role play, ballet and much more. The children are given rest time, followed by a snack that keeps them fueled for a fun afternoon in Pre-reception.