Best Individual Performance Award goes to a Year 6 Meadite!

The Independent School Association (ISA) have awarded “Best Individual Performance (Junior Boy)” to one of our students for his role as ‘Jack’ in William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’. We are so proud of all the Year 6 students who took part in the production, which was recognised by a commendable ISA review (see excerpt below). The whole school clapped and whooped the performers in the school assembly on Friday!

Miss Victoria, Head of Performing Arts at The Mead, shares some of the adjudicator’s comments:

“The staging was well executed at the start, with a slow, measured entrance from the children as they arrived. Soundscapes create mood and atmosphere. The characters of ‘Ralph’ and ‘Piggy’ were principal roles delivered with assurance, and we watched the characters change and develop as the play continued. ‘Jack’ gave us a solid performance as the mean and rather terrifying gang member who took over as leader. We really believed that he could be ruthless. There were some really good ensemble moments by the whole cast that really brought the stage to life. We felt the tension mount as the piece developed, giving the audience a growing sense of unease and a foreshadowing of what was to come. The dramatic and rather terrifying end to the piece with the chanting worked very well indeed and left us suitably horrified.”