Bringing topics to life in Pre-Reception

Bringing topics to life is at the heart of Pre-Reception learning, as children grasp concepts best through hands-on experiences, a principle supported by numerous studies on early childhood education.

Pre-Reception were thrilled to welcome some special guests during the study of lifecycles. The arrival of living eggs on Monday was met with wide eyes and excited whispers among the three and four-year-olds, all eager to take on the role of caretakers. This close-up observation of eggs hatching into baby chicks provided a dynamic way for the children to connect with the concept of birth and the growth stages that humans and animals alike go through. The children handled the baby chicks and fed and nurtured them.

Pre-Reception was then visited by a friendly dentist, who transformed a discussion on dental hygiene into an interactive and memorable experience. The children dived into an activity where they categorised various foods into different pots, discovering each type’s impact on their teeth. The day culminated in a toothbrushing demonstration, where they learned the correct techniques to keep their teeth healthy. They found out that raisins have more sugar than a Haribo pack! Through these engaging and practical activities, Pre-Reception children learn important lessons, making each discovery an unforgettable part of their school memories.