Building Future Heroes, One STEM Lesson at a Time

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) underpins nearly every aspect of our modern world. From the smartphones we use to the medical breakthroughs that save lives, STEM knowledge is at the heart of innovation. Early exposure to STEM subjects sparks curiosity and a sense of wonder in young minds. It actively shapes their future whilst being able to adapt to a rapidly changing technology landscape.

New Scientist Live Exhibition- STEM Trip

Year 6 had the opportunity to explore the New Scientist Live Exhibition in London, where they engaged with fascinating science exhibits, including giant bubbles and robots.

Meanwhile, Year 5 tackled a real-world challenge by designing a model structure for crop cultivation in flood-prone areas like Bangladesh.

STEM club members also enjoyed experimenting with slime and getting their hands dirty while learning. These experiences are helping students develop their skills and passion for STEM subjects.