Childpreneurs: We future-proof our children!

We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but at least we can prepare our children for the future

Franklin D Roosevelt

Year 6 Enterprise Challenge

The children in Year 6 launched into the summer term with their ‘Year 6 Enterprise challenge’, a month-long scheme designed to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in the children. The ‘Young Enterprise’ was about creating and selling their own chocolate. On the launch day, they experienced the sweet delight of making their own chocolate with a chocolate workshop. They followed up with an advertising workshop covering marketing, advertising and packaging to achieve selling success. From concept to production, they developed creative ideas, mastered financial planning, designed captivating packaging, perfected mouthwatering recipes, ignited marketing magic, and brought their delectable creations to life.

Enabling Future Success through Year 6 Enterprise

Empowerment: Young Enterprise equips children with essential life skills like communication, problem-solving, and adaptability. The children applied these skills to create their very own brand of tasty chocolate, turning a passion into a successful venture.

Future-ready Mindset: The programme helps develop an entrepreneurial mindset that thrives in our fast-paced world. The children become little chocolate inventors, creating new and exciting chocolate recipes.

Unleash Their Leadership Potential: It allows children to discover their leadership skills, work with peers, and turn ideas into reality. The children led their teams to greatness, each taking on different roles and responsibilities.

Hands-On Experience: Young Enterprise provides real-world business experience, from managing budgets to marketing campaigns. It is educational for the children to learn all the steps in creating, promoting and selling their special chocolate.

Open Doors to Opportunity: Young Enterprise connects children to industry mentors and a network of professionals. The enriching experience meant the children met real-life chocolate makers, learning their secret recipes, branding experts, and design experience.


The children hung up their aprons and put on their helmets when they completed Bikeability – a Government cycling programme that teaches them how to be safe on the roads. The course aids their awareness when walking, cycling or running out in public.

Preparation for Secondary School Workshops

We furthered our preparations for their departure with a series of workshops around ‘Preparation for Secondary Schools’ and ‘Kent Safety in Action’. The workshops highlighted some of the dangers the children may face as they become more independent, giving them the knowledge to stay safe and preparing them to transition to secondary school.