Developing mathematical understanding through creativity!

“There should be no such thing as boring mathematics.” 

Edsger Dijkstra – theorist, engineer and one of the most influential figures in computing science

We encourage children to think outside the box in Maths by providing creative environments that reinforce critical concepts and develop reasoning skills. These environments build lifelong foundational maths knowledge to navigate an ever-evolving technological world.

In Year 1, Pizzas are freshly baked and sliced to supplement their learning about fractions. On World Numeracy day, children from different year groups decorated the playground with mathematical equations and geometric notation to commemorate the day and share learnings with other classes.

The Year 6s recently demonstrated their skills honed by years of creative learning when tackling complex mathematical problems at the National Key Stage 2 Mathematics Championship 2022, the largest KS2 competition in the country. They were given questions under time pressure and worked as a team to come to a solution. This proved tremendously successful as they are through to the semi-finals, which they will participate in this Thursday! What super-stars ⭐