Enterprising Meadites put Thinking Caps on to Support NHS

We are feeling super-proud of two of our Year 6 pupils who’ve come up with an enterprising idea to support the NHS, the Nightingale Hospital and our key workers, during these unprecedented times.

At this time of year our Year 6 pupils would normally be busy taking part in the Young Enterprise business venture challenge, in which students from the year group across all the Wishford Schools set up their own businesses.

Determined not to let the lock-down stop them, two of our Meadites put their thinking ‘caps’ on to come up with a fantastic fundraising idea! 

The resourceful pupils have designed and produced ‘Nightingale Baseball Caps’, which they are selling for £10 each to our school community. The caps feature a cool rainbow graffiti design and every one has its own unique style. All profits raised from the sales of the caps will go to NHS Charities Together.

Well done to the pupils on using their initiative and resourcefulness in what we’re sure has been a fantastic learning opportunity as well as a wonderful, kind gesture.

To support NHS Charities Together visit: