From Hogwarts to Narnia: The Mead School Transported to Lands of Fictional Worlds!

A book is a gift you can open again and again

Garrison Keillor

Why is reading important?

Reading is an essential skill that profoundly impacts a person’s life. Not only does it allow us to learn new information, but it also helps to improve our vocabulary, critical thinking, and creativity. To learn more, click here!

World Book Day inspires reading!

World Book Day is an annual event celebrated worldwide to promote the love of reading and literature. On Thursday, 2nd March, teachers and children celebrated the joy of reading.

The children participated in a ‘West End Literacy workshop’ to mark the occasion. Each year group read an age-appropriate book together before acting out the scenes in the book! This immersive workshop had the enthused children suggesting this should be a daily activity. They gained valuable insights into different characters’ feelings, emotions and actions.

The children (and staff) dressed up as their favourite literary characters, bringing books to life and creating a sense of excitement and fun. Each classroom door was decorated as a book. This is an excellent opportunity for teachers to introduce children to new books and authors while allowing them to develop their ideas and share their stories with their peers.

Room on the Broom Activities … Potions, wands and much more!

The children in EYFS participated in a morning of fun activities centred around Room on the Broom (to support their upcoming trip). Activities included an acting workshop, making edible witches’ hats, potions and magic wand making!

Special Assembly

Mrs King (Head of English) held a special assembly, ‘guess the teacher’, by giving information about their favourite book when they were younger and their favourite place to read. Winners will receive book tokens to use in the book fayre at the end of the term.

Congratulations to the Year 3 ‘Pugs of the Frozen North’ door, which wins book vouchers for their classroom.

Whether dressing up, reading books, or participating in creative activities, World Book Day is an excellent way to inspire and motivate children to explore the world of literature!