Fueling Little Bodies: Healthy school lunches that supercharge children!

School lunches

Do you want your child to have a nutritious and delicious meal they look forward to at school? Look no further than The Mead school lunches!

Our school lunches offer a wide variety of healthy (and tasty) options with something for everyone. We use fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create meals. Our menu is carefully planned to ensure that every meal provides the right balance of nutrients to fuel your child’s mind and body.

We consider dietary restrictions and food allergies, ensuring every child can enjoy a tasty meal. Our menu here consists of a main course, a vegetarian main course, a jacket potato option, a comprehensive salad bar and sides. There are three dessert options available.

Food, glorious food!

Oliver Twist

IFG Healthy Eating Workshop

We welcomed nutritionist Charlotte Clayton of the Independent Food Group (IFG), who gave a talk to parents on enriching children’s diets, healthy eating habits and improving family meal plans. The informative chat allowed caregivers to ask questions to ensure children have a balanced diet.

Charlotte spoke to KS1 about eating colours of the rainbow. A fun practical task of assigning food to the rainbow basket (fresh and light) or the grey cloud basket (heavy but ok in moderation) had the children thoroughly engaged. We continue to review our food provision at school, ensuring we deliver a balanced, enriched diet to all the children.

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is essential for everyone, especially for children who are still growing. A healthy diet provides little bodies and brains with the necessary nutrients to function at their best. View our full menus online.

  • Encourage a variety of foods.

The first step to creating a balanced diet is encouraging children to eat various foods. This means including fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and dairy. Introduce new foods, flavours, and preparation methods such as steaming, roasting, or grilling.

  • Limit processed foods and sugar.

Sugary drinks can contribute to weight gain and tooth decay. Processed foods are often high in calories, sugar and unhealthy fats. Limiting these foods and drinks in your child’s diet and offering healthier options is best.

  • Serve meals and snacks at regular times.

Establishing regular meal and snack routines can help children develop healthy habits. Make sure to include a variety of foods in each meal.

  • Get children involved in meal preparation.

When kids are involved in the planning process, they are more likely to try new foods. Involve children in meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and testing!