Hands-on science! How we nurture curiosity in the world around us.

Going back to the core principles of knowledge and scientific understanding allows our specialist teachers to ensure the foundations of learning are secure.

Working in small groups year 5 have been studying electricity, demonstrating their knowledge of how changing the number of batteries and components, impacts the effectiveness of an electrical circuit. Beginning by setting up circuits involving a range of components in parallel and in a series, going onto investigate the results when modifying the sequence and reporting their findings.

“Our topic has been electricity and we’ve been doing experiments to understand how the circuits work, using lights and sound”

“I love to imagine all the circuits and wiring in the electrical items I use everyday at home.”

We are so proud of our year 5 girls for volunteering to stay in at break time to demonstrate this experiment, proving as we all know, that science is for everyone! Empowering children to follow their passions and interests brings an energy and focus to their learning that generates that ‘life-long love of learning’ that we aim to instil in all our Meadites. Working in small groups as the girls did here, is all part of the ‘nurturing curiosity in the world around us’ ethos at The Mead.