Lessons are just the beginning…

Would your son like to try animating films like Disney? Is your daughter showing signs of being the next chess champion? How about nurturing the skills of a budding Rafael Nadal on the tennis courts? We offer a whole host of after school activities, including these!

Key Stage 2 children are encouraged to stay for clubs as a fun end to their school day (with a termly club rotation). When class ends, they have a light tea and then head to prep, benefitting from specialist teachers and extra help with their homework, before attending their chosen club.

(Early Years and KS1 have a slightly different setup. They have a wide variety of optional clubs and scheduled activities incorporated into their school day. There is an optional extra to stay onto 5:30 pm for wraparound care*).

There is a wide range of clubs offered by the school. This term, the choices include Cricket, Manga, Choir, Art, Christian Union, Explorers, Sport, Tennis, Sewing Bee, Tech Club, Origami, Lego, Chess, Animation, Board Games, Junk Modelling, Lego, Football and Judo. [Please note some clubs are paid extras, but the majority are included!]

“My favourite club has to be tech club. It is so much fun. I can’t wait to make my own Minecraft game; it will be amazing! We also do robotics, and I love robots!”

Quoted from a Year 5 boy