Meadites Embrace Home Learning

The school may have been closed last week due to the quarantine, but the learning has certainly still continued!

We are so proud of our pupils for embracing learning from home with such positivity and enthusiasm and a huge thank you to our parents for being so supportive during these unprecedented times.

We’ve absolutely loved seeing all the photos of our pupils, from Kindergarten up to Year 6, taking part in lots of creative and stimulating activities at home – from creative writing, to gardening, to exercising with Joe Wicks, to completing a French quiz, to building a raft out of twigs for the STEAM challenge.

It was great to hear that our pupils enjoyed Mr Webster’s morning assembly videos and words of encouragement and his bedtime story sessions reading Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox have been a huge hit.

Our pupils have been sending their teachers some excellent pieces of work and we thought we’d share a few of them with you.

Here is a fantastic adventure by story by Iggy, a super poem by Savannah and some wonderful artwork by Elisabetta.

Keep an eye on our school social media pages where we’ll be posting lots more pictures and updates of our pupils embracing working from home in true Meadite style.

The Adventures of Summer and Jake the Pet Detective, by Iggy, Year 4

I was shocked when I saw my dad holding a golden retriever pup just for me. He was so cute and small, with a shiny coat and I thought to myself, “I am going to name him Gold… no… um… um…  Summer! Yeah! That’s the right name!” My job as a pet detective kept me busy but I still found time to run around outside of my beach house with Summer. After all that running, I felt the need for some food. I went up to the local dog-friendly cafe and ordered a dog biscuit and a pain au chocolat.

Summer wolfed down the dog biscuit, as I did with the pain au chocolat, and we went on our next mission to find the white pigeon of native Americans. I had done my research and knew that the pigeon had flown to Britain and it was up to me to track it down. How would I find it though?

I needed a plan…

Read Iggy’s full story here:

The Race, by Savannah, Year 4

Bombing like dynamite, speeding like the speed of light

I do a little fancy spin because I know I’m about to win

But oh no someone’s here, he’s going so fast I might be last

So I plastered on my grin and went as fast as I can last

And we sprinted up to the finish line

Who won? Who won? We cried

It was a draw for the 66th time

And we stumped off and said it was fine

Even though we drew for the 66th time

Art Work by Elisabetta, Year 4

Elisabetta, also in Year 4, discovered the artist George Seurat and pointillism in her home studies. She says she can’t wait to go to the National Gallery and see it in real life. Here is her beautiful art work.