Memories of a Prep School

If you recall your fondest school memories, trips away are bound to feature among them. These unique experiences punctuate the children’s journeys through school, providing opportunities for social, intellectual and emotional development.

The Mead arranges a diverse range of trips throughout the years.

Year 3 – Adventure Alert

Year 3 embarked on an exhilarating expedition to Blackland Farm, tackling fun-filled activities such as a crate challenge, zip wire, gladiator challenge and archery. They learned the art of camp building and shared all of it with friends.

Year 4/5 – Wilderness Adventures

Year 4 & 5 kicked it up a notch on their ultimate Bushcraft Adventure – they mastered the art of camouflage, nailed nature-made shelters, and even kindled their own fires!

Nightfall didn’t dampen their spirits as they dove into delightful evening games. But that’s not all – our brave bushcrafters tested their mettle with wilderness first aid, came up with smart SOS scenarios, foraged like forest dwellers, handled cutting tools safely and effectively, set traps like pros, and even survived the infamous Bush Tucker Trial.

Year 6 – Leavers Programme

Finally, our seasoned Year 6 explorers wrapped up their journey at Windmill Mill in Brighton, their final trip being an unforgettable two-night extravaganza packed with action and joy! Raft-building, giant swing rides (powered by teamwork!), orienteering, problem-solving, climbing, abseiling, zip-lining and all the fun of staying with friends in the PGL Cabins.

The trips and events remain a highlight of school life. Kudos to all who make the trips happen – for the footprints left, memories made, and the lessons etched in their hearts and minds.

Benefits of Residential trips

Resilience: children must adapt to their new environment and overcome challenges by being away from familiar surroundings and distractions.

Igniting friendship: overnight trips foster a sense of unity and camaraderie that the four walls of a classroom could never match. These bonds and life lessons stay with children for years to come.

Teamwork and communication: Children learn how to communicate together and work in a team.

Confidence and Self-esteem: overcoming fears, trying new things and being in a new environment helps children build confidence. A child in Year 6 commented on the recent PGL trip and said: “I was so afraid to try abseiling as I am afraid of heights, but I did it, and it was one of the best moments”.