Music: A Spotlight

Pre-Reception Music Concert

The Pre-Reception music concert at The Mead School is always an ‘aw’ worthy event. This year it did not fail to be a heartwarming display of musical talent, from the youngest members of the school aged 3-4. The children confidently performed in front of friends and family, showcasing their developing understanding of pitch and tone. They demonstrated their musical skills and growing self-assurance and joy in performing through engaging songs and activities.

KS2 Music Concert

The KS2 musicians of The Mead School held a spectacular concert at King Charles the Martyr Church, featuring a wide array of instruments. This event showed the children’s individual dedication and hard work, as they played with impressive skill and coordination. The concert was a testament to our school’s rich musical education, with performances ranging from solo pieces to choir ensemble.

Children at school have music twice a week. There are many performance opportunities from House Music to Easter/Christmas services. Clubs such as choir and music groups are held during lunchtime or after school for children who wish to attend. Music plays a huge role in brain development, helping language, motor skills, emotional intelligence and collaboration. By integrating music into their education, we provide children with a well-rounded foundation that supports their academic, social, and personal growth