National ISA Drama Competition Win for Year 6

We are delighted to announce that Year 6 Mead pupils have won the prize of ‘BEST OVERALL STAGING’ for their production and interpretation of Grimm’s Tales at the ISA National Drama Festival.

The definition of stagecraft is the method of presenting a play or other dramatic performance; incorporating choreography, acting, direction, set,  staging and costumes .

The year 6 of 2020 have worked together to produce an ensemble piece which epitomises a group composition of theatre, and it is this that the adjudicator identified.

With great pride Miss Victoria, Head of Performing Arts at The Mead, shares some of the adjudicator’s comments;

Overall this performance felt very professional. We moved swiftly into a strong ensemble piece, well rehearsed and slickly executed. The use of props, set and costume all came together with a strong soundtrack and lighting design. The entire cast held the stage with confidence, with a particularly engaging performance from the wicked queen, the dwarfs, Red Riding Hood and the three witches. The gentle and rather creepy movements of the forest trees were a clever touch to the staging. The shared script and use of a mixture of first and third person worked very well indeed. I was truly transported to the fairy tale land.

Congratulations to all involved!