Safer Internet Day at The Mead

Today is Safer Internet Day and here at The Mead the central message to our pupils is that every day should be safer internet day, both at school and at home. 

We have been discussing top tips for staying safe online, including asking an adult first if there are new activities you want to do online, remembering the rules that you follow in real life also apply when you’re on the internet, that it’s important to treat other people the way that you would like to be treated and to always think about their feelings and that if anyone or anything online makes you feel worried, upset or uncomfortable to tell an adult straight away.  

We suggested to the children that before posting anything online to always ask themselves, ‘would you be happy with your granny or Mr Webster seeing this’? 

Finally, we talked about remembering that there are always other activities to enjoy along with going online or on devices. We asked the children what their favourite things to do are and they said doing puzzles, reading their favourite book, playing board games and playing outside. 

For further information on staying safe online visit: