School Council Makes Changes

Giving children a chance to be heard helps implement their desires and needs to make them happy. This process instils a sense of responsibility and boosts their self-esteem, as they experience the empowerment of being listened to (even if not everything on the wish list can be fulfilled.). Adults require these motivational techniques to promote happiness and fulfilment- so why not start with our youngsters?

Meet the team

Already, the newly elected school council have been proactive and made some exciting updates. By overwhelming popular demand, pizza will now be a delicious offering every other week, on Fridays. Thanks to FOM’s generous offer, a new bike shed is on the way, providing a secure place for the children’s bikes. More ‘Horrible Histories’ books have been added to our library, enriching reading choices. Ice cream sales will be back this summer term on Fridays after school! Unfortunately, due to health and safety concerns, ‘bring your pet to school day’ won’t be possible.

The Benefits

Improved Health and Well-being: Changes enhance the health and well-being of the school community.

Confidence Boost: Children gain confidence and improve their listening and speaking skills.

Life Skills Development: Participation in the school council exposes students to the democratic process and life skills like problem-solving and negotiation.

Organisational and Social Skills: It nurtures organisation and social development, contributing to growth.

Increased Responsibility and Commitment: Children become more responsible, involved, and committed to improving the school. This creates an inclusive environment where everyone’s voice matters.