School Jubilee Celebrations

Whole School Celebration

The children have been preparing for the day for the past week! Activities ranged from crown-making, poster-creating, banquet-eating, solider-playing and picture-drawing.

We hope Her Majesty had a joyous Jubilee and enjoyed all the activity commemorating this momentous occasion!

Pre-Reception Primacy!

Pre-Reception were treated like little Kings and Queens as their Year 6 counterparts played the part of royal servants! The youngest members of the school were well looked after, given courtly entertainment and finally treated to a banquet. At the end of the morning, hugs and promises were exchanged between the year groups reflecting their bonds of friendship – one Year 6 promised: “I will come and find you at whole-school break tomorrow to play!”

Pre-Reception wrote a letter (almost as big as they are) to the Queen, which got sent off today. We hope she enjoys reading it with a cup of tea.