Staff Spotlight: Meet Mrs Hunt (Pre-Reception Teacher)

Welcome to the world of Pre-Reception at our school, where the incredible Mrs Hunt plays a pivotal role in an inspiring and joyful learning environment. As one of our cherished Pre-Reception teachers, Mrs. Hunt brings not just her expertise but also her spirit. From her early days as a child at The Mead to her roles as a teaching assistant and teacher, and now in her sixteenth year of her current teaching stint, she has been a constant source of enthusiasm and dedication. Beyond her teaching responsibilities, Mrs Hunt is also a governor at Beacon Academy, where she actively contributes to the local community. Her passion for supporting literacy shines as she works with children who have struggled, helping them build a strong foundation through basic phonics.

Mrs Hunt’s love for music fills our halls with joy, and her performances at our Mini Meadites events are always a highlight. Known for her lovely voice and the cheerful songs that echo around the school, she is truly a key part of what makes our school feel like home.

How long have you been part of The Mead community?
My journey with The Mead spans many years, from my days as a child at the school to my roles as a teaching assistant and teacher. Currently, I am enjoying my sixteenth year in this latest stint as a teacher.

Can you describe a typical day at The Mead?
No—no two days are ever the same! Each day is filled with its own kind of magic, learning experiences, and activities. From playing doctors to teaching phonics, every day brings something new and exciting, with no two-year groups alike.

What makes The Mead such a special place?
I love it when past pupils stop by to say hello. Just today, a delightful Year 2 student brought me flowers. I get to see my past children go through school and flourish, which is so special to me.

As a child, what did you aspire to be?
I was inspired by Ann Diamond and aspired to be a morning news reporter, bringing stories and news to life every day.

Do you have any hidden talents?
While many know of my love for singing, fewer may know that I have also completed a marathon!

What was your job before joining The Mead?
Before I found my calling in education, I briefly worked as a secretary for a farming company. It only took five months for me to realise that my true passion lay in teaching, leading me to pursue a career where I could make a difference in children’s lives. I would walk past schools and long to be there.

How would the children describe you?
I hope they see me as a kind, jolly, and smiley figure in their lives—someone who brings positivity and warmth to their learning experiences.

If you could try any other job in the school, what would it be?
While my heart is firmly rooted in the early years, I must admit I’m curious about trying out Carlos’ leaf blower just once!

What do you enjoy doing outside of school?
My passion for serious theatre, especially serious plays, which provides me with a profound and meaningful escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.