Staff Spotlight Series 5- Paul Blake – Estate Manager

Meet Paul Blake, our Estate Manager in our Staff Spotlight Series Five. Paul joined us last year and has become instrumental in driving changes.

Can you share your background and how it shapes your work here?

I’ve been an electrician for most of my career, working hands-on in residential and commercial settings. My transition from the field to an office-based role came when a previous school offered me the opportunity to manage their 110-acre site. As the estate manager, I use my extensive experience in the building industry to maintain the school’s properties, ensuring everything operates seamlessly. Health and safety have become increasingly vital over the years, and my firsthand experiences with workplace accidents have enhanced our compliance efforts. I’m deeply passionate about ensuring the school remains a safe, compliant environment—it’s about doing things right for everyone’s benefit.

What do you love most about working here?

The sense of belonging and the people I work with. From day one, I’ve felt at home, thanks in no small part to supportive colleagues and management. It’s the first place where I’ve genuinely wanted to stay long-term, a testament to the school’s commitment to creating a rewarding work environment.

Can you tell us more about your journey?

Before settling into my current role, I lived in Andalucía, southern Spain, where I ran a building company and managed up to 14 tradespeople. We specialised in constructing new homes and refurbishing old farmhouses, catering to those relocating to the area. Additionally, I operated motocross training holidays and managed a business importing and exporting motocross parts and clothing between New Zealand, America, and the UK. This diverse background honed my management skills and ability to adapt and thrive in various settings.

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

I love big cats—tigers, snow leopards, and panthers—which mirrors my approach to life: striving to be sleek and agile.

What do you enjoy doing out of school?

My family is very active in mountain biking. My sons have excelled in motocross and downhill racing, with my youngest making a mark in the British Downhill Championship. Our holidays often revolve around biking adventures in North Wales or the Scottish Highlands. Additionally, our home is lively, thanks to our five dogs, including two Spanish Mastins and a Turkish Anatolian Shepard, adding to our bustling household.

What is your secret talent that nobody knows about?

I used to run a motocross team in the UK called MXS Racing.