The Class of 2023!

As we bid farewell to another school year, it’s time to celebrate our Year 6 students as they embrace the journey towards their futures, moving on to the exciting world of secondary education. It’s always an emotional time, this year especially so, as we’re waving goodbye to a year group full of friendship and camaraderie – a high-achieving year whose footsteps will echo with distinction in The Mead School history.

Mrs Openshaw, the Headmistress, says, “They are such a special, hard-working group of children and have contributed so much to our school setting, an example to us all with their boundless energy, enthusiasm and determination”.

This Year 6 has exceeded expectations, and expectations were high. They’ve done it all: aced exams, triumphed numerous times on sports fields, ruled the stage, and turned our charity drives into veritable philanthropic feasts. They’ve been leaders, team players, volunteers, and visionaries, showing us that age is no barrier to making a difference. They’ve worn the hat of responsibility with a flair that adults might envy, turning our school into a buzzing hive of inclusivity and positivity.

Some of their achievements include winning the ISA Best Junior Production, winning the Solefield Rugby tournament, achieving the plate in ISA Plate at the ISA National Netball competition after winning the regionals, the girls’ relay team qualifying for the nationals after achieving first place at the ISA regional Athletic tournament and the U11 girls who won the UKSA Plate Hockey Tournament.


Leavers Destinations

To view the full list of results, click here. 28 children out of 32 sat the Kent Test, with 79% gaining a selective grammar school place and five children earned scholarships to secondary schools. The destinations include:

The Skinners’ School, Kent College, St Olave’s Grammar School, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Girls, Tonbridge Grammar School for Girls, The Judd School, St Mary’s Ascot, Bethany School, Bennett Memorial, Tunbridge Wells Boys Grammar School, Beacon, Battle Abbey

Leavers vs Staff Matches

We will miss their lively chatter and ceaseless energy. But their legacy? That will echo in our classrooms for years to come as a new year-group steps up to fill their shoes as school leaders. We’re not saying a tearful goodbye but a hopeful “catch you later” – because we know they’ll be taking their place in the world and making us prouder than ever.

Good luck Mead School Class of 2023!