The Great Fire of London – A cross-curricular term topic!

Year 2 has learned about The Great Fire of London! As part of subject enrichment, they have studied the event holistically, across different subjects. For example, in Geography, they have explored London, how a city operates, the changes between now and then, the population and how these things exacerbated the effects of the Great Fire. In Art, the children designed and built their own Tudor houses with the characteristics of the homes at the time.

There are many benefits to the cross-curricular approach applied to topics such as these. It lends itself to collaboration, enhances critical and connected thinking, generates a deeper level of understanding, more memorable learning experiences and promotes reflection across the board.

To conclude their topic, Year 2 visited London on a school trip. The first activity was the Tower of London for a ‘Fire, fire!’ workshop before heading across the river to participate in a Horrible Histories river boat tour.