The Mead School sports day July 2021.

Our usual Mead Sports Day took a slightly different turn this year, but nonetheless was SUPER exciting. Four sports days, spread across three days kept the excitement high as Wellington, Chalybeate, and Thackeray battled for top position. The Wednesday saw our Year 5s and 6s take to the track, even in the rainy weather. Thackeray and Wellington fought for every point, but in the end Chalybeate took the top spot.

The Thursday saw our Year 3s and 4s sprint their hearts out at the Nevill, with an enormous track, and a very hot afternoon. The tables turned slightly with Thackeray narrowly edging out Wellington and Chalybeate to take the win. The tug of war was extremely exciting, and 2 rounds needed to take place to determine the overall winner!

Our youngest athletes Kindy, Pre-Reception, and Reception were in the spotlight next! Our reception athletes were particularly impressive running a lengthy 200m! The hat race was an absolute delight to watch. In the end, Wellington took the lead.

The final Friday afternoon saw Year 1 and 2 compete for glory. Sprints, bats and hedgehogs, relays, and tug of war kept the entire afternoon exciting with a spirit point being given as a tie break with Wellington edging out Thackeray by 1 point!

In the end, after all the scores were tallied, the house winners of the Mead sports day were Chalybeate with 337 points, followed by Wellington with 306 points, and Thackeray with 259 points. Well done everyone, it was definitely the highlight of my year! Danielle Mackenzie, Director of Sport.