The Mead School’s 5-7 year old performers shine in “Alice in Wonderland” at Trinity Theatre.

In a fantastic display of talent, some of the youngest children of The Mead School, aged 5 to 7, took to the stage at the prestigious Trinity Theatre on Thursday, 14th March. Their performance of “Alice in Wonderland” captivated the audience and showcased the school’s dedication to excellence in performing arts.

With just two months to put the show together, the children have been learning their scripts, embodying the essence of their characters, and immersing themselves in the magical world of Wonderland. This production has introduced them to various facets of the performing arts, including costume fittings, microphones, line memorisation, singing, props, dancing, and understanding stage directions.

A Year 2 child expressed excitement after the show, “I loved being on the stage at the real theatre. My whole family got tickets and came to watch me.”

The Mead School is award-winning for its commitment to providing unparalleled performing arts opportunities. With significant annual events like this ‘Spring Show’ for Years 1 and 2 and the end-of-year ‘Summer Show’ involving the entire main school, every child can experience the thrill of performance. All children are engaged in other performing services throughout the year such as Harvest Festival, Christmas Concert and the Easter Story. This exposure to the arts from a young age is a key ingredient in The Mead’s secret recipe for boosting confidence among its students.

Headmistress Catherine Openshaw praised the efforts and achievements of the school’s performing arts department, saying, “I am always so very impressed with all that goes on in school, and Performing Arts is one of the amazing opportunities for the children. Our performing arts teachers are a talented team who bring the very best out of each individual child, and the result is truly wonderful every single time!”

Children are exposed to performing opportunities right from Pre-Reception. The tailored programme instils confidence, leadership and teamwork skills. To find out more, visit