The Power of Houses in our School Family

At The Mead, we are all about that warm, fuzzy feeling of belonging. To help that feeling, children become valuable members of our school houses – Chalybeate, Wellington, and Thackeray – when you become part of one of them, it is like joining a big, loving family.

The houses come together weekly, with the older children looking out for the younger ones. It’s not just a meeting; it’s a gathering of friends and family. They laugh, learn, and grow together, helping build friendships. House captains run the house meetings and mentor and guide the children lower down the school.

Throughout the year, our school houses light up with exciting events. We have House Music, where we make beautiful melodies together. Inter-sports is a blast with netball, hockey, rugby, and football matches that bring everyone’s heart racing. Sports Day is the ultimate showdown and the House Spelling Bee, Inter-house Maths competition, and Inter-house Quiz keep our brains sharp. For those who love to dance, there is even the Inter-house dance-off. These competitions teach us teamwork, dedication and the importance of fair play.