The responsibilities at the top of the school

The Year 6’s thrive with the responsibilities and chance to become a ‘leader’ within the school. One of the most exciting parts of being at the ‘top of the school’ is becoming a House Captain, Drama, Music, Library, IT or Sports monitor. A sports monitor will read the match reports, receive house trophies and assist the Director of sports, whereas a drama monitor will help with all productions, services and concerts. The teaching staff chose the team with a termly rotation and a chance to try the different roles.  

We asked our current Year 6 leadership team some questions below:

What has been the most fulfilling part about your role as a captain/monitor so far?

“I really enjoy leading houses assemblies, especially when we won house music; it was an honour to collect the trophy.”

“As a drama monitor, I enjoy helping with productions, concerts and festivals. I spend the whole day at harvest festival setting up and helping the teachers, as well as sorting the younger children.”

“I really enjoy running my house meeting and encouraging my house to do their best”.

“I like to lead by example and to be role models for the younger children to look up to and be excited for as they move up the school”.

Is there anything you are particularly excited about or nervous about? 

“I am really excited to lead my house as we go into the end of term.”

“I love doing the tours when visitors come round the school”.

What advice would you give our younger children about life at The Mead? 

“It is an enjoyable and safe place.”

“Everyone is very supportive and kind.”

“There is lots of stuff to do and get involved in. Matches are so much fun, and there are so many productions, concerts and something is always going on at school.”

What qualities do you think a captain/monitor should have?

“They should be approachable and happy to help the younger years”.

“They should be reliable and you can depend on them.”

Plans for the future? What are you most excited about? 

“I am waiting to hear back from a scholarship to a secondary school.”

“I wish to go to Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar and await the allocation day.”

” I am excited to be with my brother at Skinner’s”.

“I am excited about the opportunities at Bennett. The school is much bigger with a wide choice of subjects”.