Together We Grow

Togetherness resonates throughout our school, influencing every aspect of learning and interaction. The children adore being together and our school council has implemented more whole-school breaks, which was voted in by the children across all years. Our teaching approach is one of family where peer learning is integral, enhancing traditional teaching methods and nurturing holistic development.

Lessons in togetherness:


A poignant example of this is the ‘big ones’ escorting the ‘little ones’ to the church, embodying a lesson in responsibility. Older children frequently engage with their younger counterparts, assisting with reading and mathematics. Additionally, Year 6 students embrace their roles as Sports and House Captains, offering guidance and leadership to younger students.


Having navigated their own educational journeys, older children can empathise with the challenges the younger ones face. They understand the struggles with reading books or maths problems, making them effective mentors who have successfully overcome similar hurdles.


Younger children admire the older ones, viewing them as knowledgeable and inspirational. This admiration drives their personal growth. As they observe older children taking lead roles in various activities such as shows, assemblies, and services, they become more confident and eager to explore and develop their talents.