We Will Rock You – An Encore to Remember

As the summer holidays end, we want to reflect on how the children embraced rock ‘n’ roll at the Trinity Theatre in July. The ambitious performance was terrific, worthy of all its recognition and praise.

Video from Yellow cast on Friday

A comment from a parent:

‘Miss Victoria and Mr Harley did it again. Each year, I wonder how the show can get better, yet each year they do it. I loved every second and want to watch it again. I am truly amazed that such young children can get up on the stage and deliver the lines and songs so beautifully.’

The young performers (ages 4-11) got the audience dancing, clapping, singing, and asking for more!

The two casts gave phenomenal, confident performances with some very talented singers. The blue cast performed on Saturday afternoon and the yellow form on Friday afternoon, with both performances sold out!