World Book Day Extravaganza

Imagine a world where all your favourite book characters come together and interact. This fascinating scenario came to life at The Mead for World Book Day, transforming the school into a vibrant hub of character interactions.

The children had a jam-packed day with the activities listed below.

Engaging activities

Classes were abuzz with excitement as children embarked on literary adventures. Activities included storytelling sessions, creative writing, role-play, stone-decorating and bookmark-making. Discussions about favourite books and characters encouraged a lively exchange of ideas, analysing characters and sharing some favourites from their book.

A special assembly

The day started with a special assembly, setting the tone for the celebrations and a chance to gather and explore each other’s costumes. The assembly educated the children about World Book Day and encouraged them to branch out and try other stories, such as non-fiction, and find relaxing places to make reading part of their routine.

A themed lunch menu

Even the lunch menu got a bookish makeover, with dishes inspired by popular children’s books. The children immensely enjoyed their book-inspired burgers after a morning of activities.

Costumes bring characters to life.

The most visually striking aspect of the day was the sea of costumes. Children and staff alike dressed as their favourite literary characters, turning the school into a real-life storybook. This act allowed children to step into the shoes of their heroes and form deeper connections to the stories they love.

Creative displays

The school was decorated with eggs and potatoes for the competition, all themed around book characters or stories. The results will be announced on 11th March. 

A follow-up book fair

The celebrations extended beyond World Book Day with a book fair to be held in the following week. This event will allow the children to discover new stories with their book tokens.