YEAR 6 LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE. ‘The Photography Competition’…

At the end of last term one of our very creative and talented year 6 Leadership Teams ran The Mead School ‘Photography Competition’. They did a great job of running the competition with Teams group strategy meetings, poster design and advertising to our remote learning community. The competition was open to all year groups, with the idea being ‘to capture nature as it inspired’ our Mead pupils. There was an amazing amount of entries!

Our Leadership group ran with the popularity of this competition, working independently and even contacted our FoM directly to arrange prizes. Emma Kent, Chair of FoM, generously agreed to donate over £100 worth of prizes and commented that it is “so great to see the whole school coming together and participating in this year 6 initiative”.

Our class winners have now all been informed and prizes awarded to:

  1. Theo (Pre Reception) for ‘A reminder that spring is on it’s way’.
  2. Tania (Reception) for ‘A beautiful and amazing spot of colour in the drab winter foliage’.
  3. Yana (Year 1) for ‘The beaver looked as though it had built a dam with the fence behind it’.
  4. Finn (Year 2) for ‘Really lovely cloud formation with the bare tree set against the sky’.
  5. Delilah (Year 3) for ‘Really spooky but interesting’.
  6. Arthur (Year 4) for ‘Quintessentially English Countryside’.
  7. Raf (Year 5) for ‘Beautiful light through the foliage’.
  8. Molly (Year 6) for ‘Beautifully captured end of cold and sunny winter’s day’.

Overall winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize went to Michael in year 3 in 3rd place – the image was slightly out of focus, creating a photo of diamonds which was very effective. 2nd prize went to Olivia in Reception for such a majestic tree captured in all its bare beauty. Finally the 1st prize goes to Finn in year 5 for a perfect reflection of this beautiful tree in the calm and still water. Congratulations Finn! Well done to all our winners and thank you to everyone for your wonderful entries.

Mrs Jaques year 6 teacher commented “I think you’ll all agree, it wasn’t easy for our expert judge to pick winners from the huge amount of entries!”.

The Mead School Leadership Initiative is the heart of this competition and it is an exceptional opportunity for our young learners! The projects they embark upon as a team bring year 6 together in a special and genuine leadership position across the school. Galvanising participation in activities that bring the whole school community together.   

There is a rotation of activities including assembly, newspaper, competition, school council and eco crew.  Pupils love that they can have a tangible impact on the school and in some activities make a lasting impact, such as our tranquil garden renovations, which were also brilliantly run and well executed with lovely results.  Thus allowing our year 6 Leadership team to leave a footprint at The Mead as they prepare to go onto the next part of their education journey. 

The Mead School year 6 Leadership team are given a genuine voice in how the school is run, they are encouraged to work as a team and practice communication skills. Gaining confidence in dealing with people, task management and acting as role models to the younger children. Even more important at a time when Covid restrictions mean break times together and other mixed year group interactions are not possible for now.

Of course it is also a chance to be entrepreneurial and creative as per The Mead approach – to produce independent leaners and creative thinkers.  Children with their own ideas and the confidence to express them. Great job year 6!