Our aim

To enable every child to feel pastoral, artistic and academic success.

Our Pastoral, Artistic and Academic strands have equal weighting because a child’s character, creativity and academic ability are all equally important for future success and happiness, in senior school and adult life (particularly in the 21st century).

The level of progress a child makes is dependent on their environment (school and home) and the mindset this fosters. We therefore aim to create an environment which tangibly promotes ‘The Mindset of a Meadite’. If we can grow these qualities and habits of mind then we are raising children who will be highly independent and motivated in their learning and therefore are more likely to make outstanding Pastoral, Artistic & Academic progress.

The Mindset of a Meadite


We treat others as we would wish to be treated; namely with kindness, empathy, honesty and exemplary manners. We champion and nurture one another as a large family under one roof. As our global perspective grows, so does our respect, tolerance and sense of responsibility. We are charitable by nature and offer unfailingly warm hospitality.


We take pride in our work and have unapologetically high expectations. Independently and collaboratively we embrace challenge and seek improvement through accurate communication, craftsmanship, resilience, perseverance and adaptability. We live at the edge of our capabilities, willing to push beyond them with confidence and optimism on our journey to becoming lifelong learners and leaders.


We are creative and adventurous risk takers, free from the fear of failure and inspired to seek passions, interests and a deeper knowledge and understanding. We are discerning truth seekers, determined to investigate accuracy. We are brave future leaders, willing to challenge convention and stereotype. We are mindful, self-reflective, open minded and spiritually aware.