Welcome to The Mead School

The Mead School is a successful, happy and high-achieving nursery and prep school in Tunbridge Wells in Kent and a key part of the community of this beautiful town.

We are very proud of the academic achievements of our pupils and their success in passing the Kent Test. It is, however, the culture of family, support, pastoral care, opportunity and growth mindset that sets us apart, and creates an environment where children enjoy learning and succeed.

“Pupils’ attitudes to learning are excellent. They take great pride in their work and show a genuine proactive attitude towards all their activities.”

ISI inspection report

From the youngest children in our busy nursery, to our confident, pro-active Year 6 leavers, and at every point in between, they are challenged by outstanding staff and exciting opportunities, and motivated in a supportive and friendly environment.

Beyond the classroom a whole range of imaginative and stimulating after-school clubs and activities introduces our boys and girls to new ideas, skills and possibilities, nurturing interests and passions that will stay with them.

Our children leave us prepared for the future with an appetite to learn, an enthusiasm for future challenges and the confidence to take the lead.