Our ethos and aims

Our over-arching aim is to enable every child to feel success.

Personal growth and achievement across the curriculum are reliant on children being happy, valued and inspired by an increasingly broad, inclusive, collaborative and individualised school experience which, in turn, fosters self-confidence, curiosity, ambition and independence of mind.

We therefore champion three core school aims:

1. To grow an increasingly compassionate and collaborative community.

2. To deliver an inspirational education which fosters curiosity and ambition.

3. To develop every child’s independence and wellbeing. 

To translate our school aims into child-friendly, everyday language, we promote our ‘Mindset of a Meadite’ which champions three key attributes and also our School Rule, a one sentence guide for life.

Our Mindset of a Meadite


Treat others as you would wish to be treated: with kindness, respect and honesty.


Challenge yourself and take responsibility. Be the best possible version of yourself.


Give everything a go, find your passion, discover the truth and explore the world.

Our School Rule 

Be kind, listen and do your best.