The Kent Test

Kent is fortunate to have several outstanding grammar schools and many of our children take the Kent Selection tests, commonly known as the 11+. They are sat by Year 6 pupils in the September of their final year at The Mead and consist of an English and Maths paper, a Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning paper and a written exercise. 

The success of our pupils in passing the Kent Test, as well as the entrance exams to local independent schools is down to small class sizes, high-quality learning from specialist teachers across the curriculum from the earliest years and consistent tracking of progress. This personalised approach allows us to step in promptly and give extra support where necessary, while the growth-mindset ethos that is at the heart of The Mead, along with a culture of reward and praise, promotes self-confidence, ambition and risk-taking.

Mead pupils regularly go on to: